Is it wrong to enjoy sexual fetishes?

I have been dating cheap London escorts for the last few years as my last girlfriend was put off by sexual fetishes. The girls that I date at cheap London escorts don’t seem to think that there is anything wrong with my sexual fetishes but many other girls do. I would love to have a regular girlfriend who understood me, but it seems that the only girls who do understand me, is London escorts. Yes, I have to say that it is a bit frustrating, and I have started to wonder if sexual fetishes are that unusual. Perhaps I am making a big deal out of it.

None of the girls at cheap London escorts have blinkered an eye lid when I told about my sexual fetishes. As a matter of fact, I would say that some of the girls that I date at London escorts, enjoy my fantasies as much as I do. My favorite fetish is my food thing. I just love eating food of the back of sexy ladies. Most of the girls that I meet at London escorts seem to think it is rather fun, and we often enjoy eating certain foods of each other. My favorite thing is eating strawberries of a hot blonde’s lower back.

I do have another fetish as well, and that is my foot fetish. The girls I meet at London escorts, seem to be able to handle this as well and I have lots of fun having my feet played with, or playing with one of the London escorts feet. It is not really a creepy habit but most of my regular girlfriends were really put off my this habit. It is strange but we all seem to react to fetishes in different ways. Some people are put off by them while others are turned on.

My fetishes are not extreme, and I know of many chaps who have worse fetishes. The girls I meet at cheap London escorts on a regular basis, tell me that they have many other dates with stranger habits. What I really like about London escorts is that they take it all in their stride, and are not too judgmental. My regular girlfriends were kind of hard on me, called me a weirdo and all sorts. The thing is, I am sure that many of the girls that I dated, had their own quirky habits. If they would have shared them with me, perhaps I would not have had to start dating London escorts.

Now, I am sort of stuck with my fetish habits and London escorts. It would be fair to say that my fetishes have become a bit more ingrained since I started to date London escorts. A friend of mine who knows a bit about my fetishes ave suggested I see a sex therapist. I am not so sure that I would really like to as I rather enjoy my little fetishes. No one gets hurts when I act out my fetishes so I can’t really see what the big deal is about them. Perhaps I should just enjoy them and the company of my favorite London escorts.

My gay partner and sex

One of my London escorts friends has a best friend who is gay. He is a really nice guy but at the moment he is not getting on too well with his boyfriend. He keeps saying that he has sex issues. That sounded a bit strange to my friend so we invited them out to lunch to talk about it. You can imagine that London escorts talk about all sort of things over lunch including sex, of course! However, both Linda and I thought that this was a bit of an unusual topic for a lunch time discussion but never mind. We have a chat about anything.

As you may have figured out, both myself and my London escorts love to lunch and one this occasion we meet up at Annie’s in Chiswick. This is probably one of our favorite lunch time haunts, and we just love the food. It is just good old fashion home cooking, and we thought that Tina’s two gay friends would like it as well. Tina had just come off her shift at London escorts services and I had just finished a gym work, you can imagine that we were both pretty hungry and in need of food.

The two guys turned up and you could immediately feel the tension. It was a bit like they did not even want to sit next to each other. I have been through some tense situation when I worked for a London escort service but you could cut this one with a knife. We started to chat with the guys to relax them. Believe me, London escorts are good at chatting and Tina and I are some of the best at it. The guys weren’t in a really chatty mood, so we decided to get down to business.

As you can probably imagine London escorts have to deal with all sorts of situations, and all London escorts that I know are masters at strange conversation. This was one of those instances when we needed all our skills. Tony, the guy who has the sex problem, says that he has been feeling guilty about being homosexual ever since he was young, and lately it has gotten to be worse. His parents are getting older and he has not told them that he is homosexual yet. He would like to tell them but he feels that he can’t do so as it would upset them too much.

As a result he is not into having sex at the moment. He loves Tina’s friend Alan but having sex is the difficult part. He says that he has always enjoyed a loving relationship with Alan but now he feels really bad about his entire lifestyle. It must be difficult to live with being gay if you can’t tell your family. But as Tony was a late child, his parents are older and they may not understand. I suggested that he did not tell his parents and just made a decision that this was his life choice. It doesn’t really matter at the end of the day. The most important thing is that they have a loving son.


Is It Important To Be Honest About Sexual Issues?

There are some kinds of problem which it can feel like there is no good time to express. In fact, this is often the case with sexual issues or worries, because society places a huge amount of pressure and emphasis on being sexually ‘normal’ – even if it does not really know what this means.

For example, sexual quirks and fetishes are extremely common, but you might not know about it, because societal norms have people in the west so concerned about being sexually conforming that they never feel brave enough to reveal them. Yet, if you did have a sexual fetish and were curious enough to do some internet research, within minutes you would discover that millions of people all around the world share the exact same feelings.

How to Open Up To a Lover

So, if it can be difficult to reveal the details of a fetish (like spanking, bondage, or water sports) to a partner, imagine how tricky it might be to open up about more serious sexual issues. For instance, what if there was a ‘secret’ that you needed to tell a new love interest before you got into bed together? As an example, you might have some kind of sexual dysfunction or disability. For men with micro-penises, it can feel like much more of an obligation than a choice to reveal the details early.

You might be in a fairly casual sexual relationship with somebody (spending time with other lovers on the side as well) and find that you have contracted a sexually transmitted disease or infection. What is the best way to tell your lover without causing them unnecessary emotional pain? If we delve into even more serious issues, how would you ever go about opening up to a partner and telling them that you have been unfaithful to them?

Avoid Linking Anxiety with Intimacy

Well, the first thing to realize is that every situation is unique and the way in which you handle it will depend entirely on its seriousness and how open you feel you can be with your partner in general. However, it is almost always best to raise sexual issues or concerns with a partner at a time when you are not in the bedroom. If you do not, you risk the issue becoming permanently associated with intimacy and healthy sexual contact in the mind of the other person.

In other words, you do want to be able to return to a healthy sex life, after having discussed the problem, if possible. This is tricky if your bedroom is forever known as the place where you revealed that you have herpes or that you slept with the neighbor. The second rule is never discuss important relationship matters, sexual or otherwise, whilst drunk because rational and reasoned thought will go out of the window.

The Importance of Kindness

It does not matter what you need to spill the beans about really, as long as you make a commitment (to yourself and to your partner) to do it in the most caring way that you can. If the reveal involves an infidelity, this can feel pretty impossible, but it is still worth trying. There are times in life when the right choice simply does not feel like a nice one to make and when being a good person involves travelling a hard road. Yet, if you really do care, honesty is always the best policy.